Call for Land art residency in Dúbravica
September 2012
Curator: Carlos Carmonamedina
Landscape revisited is a Land-art symposium in the village of Dúbravica (heart of Slovakia) that joins 8  artists from V4 countries during 10 days in June to collaborate together in an open gallery, using ecological-friendly materials and providing to the local public with a different perspectives about their environment. The second edition of this event aims to settle larger groups of works and, in that way, develop tourism focused in this artistic manifestation. We’re looking for partners from V4 countries.
PERIFÉRNE  CENTRÁ  continues  with  a  noble  interest  of  placing  art  in  outsider  places around  Slovakia  since  2009.  Our series of cultural events have been running in many villages of Slovakia and Romania, as a celebration of collective work and spontaneity. Landscape, revisited in 2011 was a first attempt to start a network of ecological-friendly residencies in  Slovakia and is expected to have a direct and lasting impact in Dúbravica’s life. The project was made in collaboration with ARTTODAY and Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic (MKSR).
The  relation of Slovaks with their natural environment is undeniable and artists didn’t miss the chance  to  make of nature an important part of their work, especially between 70s and 80s. This tradition, which is  becoming somehow debilitated, is the departure point for the ‘Landscape, revisited’ project, which aims to bring back the discussion about the pertinence of art outside the gallery in a context where creativity shouldn’t be limited by walls, place, elites or money.
The goal is create a long-term land art collection which will be unique in the area, at the same time that  involves local people in the process and provides  to  the  village  new identity  symbols,  creates  different  jobs related with ecotourism and points the importance to preserve a way of life closer to nature. The strategic location of Dúbravica, allows creating a link between Eastern and Western parts of Europe  which  will enrich the generation of ideas and connection between artists and their work.
PERIFÉRNE CENTRÁ will provide to the artists with travel expenses including food and hosting during the 10 days of the residency.
–  People in Dúbravica and surrounding villages will receive the direct benefit. The little  commerce  will  have  a  good  income  with  the  artists  and  tourists  coming  to the event, at the same time that the works will remain as a part of their lives.
–  Students from Basnká Bystrica’s Academy of art, which are going to be invited to collaborate next to the artists and assist to the conferences.
–  Artists selected are entering to our network for future projects.
For  apply,  please  send  CV  and  5 .jpg  pictures of  your  previous  Land  art,  architecture, sculpture  or  installation work  to the email: carmonamedina [at] before March 12th, 2012. Artists that apply with the support of an organization (School,  NGO) will have priority yet, individuals can be  also  considered based in their portfolio. Selected artists will be contacted immediately in order to start the partnership.