The Garáž Summer Residency call for writers and artists is ready. Deadline is Monday 18th June 2012.
Garáž Summer Residency // Open Call
PERIFÉRNE CENTRÁ is willing to accept an artist or a small collective (no more than 3 persons) for attend the Garáž Summer Residency on a period of 3 weeks.
PERIFÉRNE CENTRÁ is delighted to offer a series of Artist Residencies for writers and artists. This is part of a long term plan to expand the number of residencies and activities taking place at Dúbravica (Slovakia), in order to create a more diverse community of connections, both within the PERIFÉRNE CENTRÁ network, and within the Slovak Art scene.
Time scales:
Artists residency – 3 weeks from 15 July 2012 – 5 August 2012

Writers residency – 3 weeks from 25 August 2012 – 15 September 2012

Download the Application Form here.

Description of Residency:
The Garáž Summer Residency is based at Dúbravica, a small village near Banksá Bystrica and runs alongside the already established Artists residency program. It is aimed at providing a quiet, self contained place for Writers or Artists to facilitate a period of concentrated production. Writers/Artists taking part in this residency will be able to be part of the small community of artists and local people if desired, but also have the option of being solitary and quiet. The accommodation for the residency is in a small quiet room on a former Bus garage and a large studio with kitchen and some couches for extra visitors. The room is divided into Sleeping and Working areas, and it is very flexible how these can be arranged.

For Writers residency, we’re looking for critics, curators, writers that would like a period of calm in order to carry out a substantial body of work. We’re very interested in the generation of discourses about our village, and that’s why we require that either the work to develop is fiction or not, the name of the village should be included somehow.

The Artists residency is aimed at Land artists, craftsmen, landscape projects, artists with a sociological approach or eco-friendy architects to work and use the surrounding space as a canvas and which work could take part of our landscape gallery that has been complemented with other events.

What we offer:
Accommodation, working place with internet and some sights nearby. We also provide exhibition possibility at the end of the residency in the local culture house and some contact with the Fine Arts School of Banská Bystrica and the Záhrada – centrum nezávislej kultúry, if a lecture or conference is intended. For the Artists residency, we can provide some materials such as wood, wool, straw, stone and help with the local authorities in order to create larger pieces, if required.
Artists have to cover:
Medical insurance, food and travel expenses.
120 Euros per person / for 3 weeks.
Please download the attached application form and email it to PERIFÉRNE CENTRÁ along with the documentation listed below:
Please provide the following in pdf format, combined together in one zip file with your name as the title:
— 3 examples of your work (or links to work online). For Writers residency at least one of them should be translated into English or Slovak. For Artists residency applicants, images should be in jpg format and no larger than 10 MB for all of them. Works that are related with landscape will have priority.
— A completed application form in PDF format that can be downloaded here.
— A PDF file that contains:
  1. Resume.
  2. A paragraph about yourself, a personal description (around 50 – 100 words).
  3. A Statement describing the main points of focus of your work and your artistic mission (no more than one A4 sheet).
  4. A brief outline of the work you propose to carry out while at Dúbravica residency (no more than one A4 sheet).
  5. A link to your own website, blog or any public site where your work is posted.
Please email all of the above information to by 6pm (Slovakia time) on Monday 18th June 2012.